Excursion in Bilbao

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План экскурсии и тура / travel plan

When people talk about Bilbao they first of all remember the Guggenheim Museum. Our guide through the Basque Country will visually demonstrate you that this picturesque and unconventional city with the history of more than seven centuries has a lot to be proud of, except the creation of Frank Gehry. Within the tour you will visit the old districts of Bilbao (the famous quarter of seven streets, St. James Cathedral, St. Anthony and St. Nicholas churches, one of the largest covered markets in Europe, Ensanche district etc.) and will get acquainted with the architecture masterpieces of the end of XX – the beginning of XXI century.

Bilbao is the holder of several prestigious world awards in the field of urbanism, conferred to the city in recognition of the grand transformation, which it has experienced within the latest twenty years. It simultaneously will remind you other modern European cities and will make you marvel the uniqueness and personal touch of its character.

Our guide through Bilbao will acquaint you with the most interesting facts from the history of this city of contrasts, its traditions and legends. You will be able to rise to the panoramic area and enjoy the thrilling views, walk on unusual bridges, thrown through Nervión river, plunge into the atmosphere of the Old city, visit the museums of Bilbao, taste the dishes of local cuisine and finally call at the numerous shops, situated on Gran Via avenue.

Посещаемые города / cities to visit