Excursion in Biarritz

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План экскурсии и тура / travel plan

Biarritz is a favorite place of rest for aristocrats, writers and artists from all over Europe. This is a city, which has gained not one heart by the amazing beauty of its landscapes and the elegance of its buildings. Except superb sand beaches of Biarritz, splendid cuisine and a huge amount of comfortable hotels, its cultural and historical heritage, related mainly to the end of XIX – the beginning of XX, is of undoubted interest.


In the course of the tour our guide through Biarritz will acquaint you with its main sightseeing attractions: Le rocher de la Vierge, which became the emblem of the city, Sainte-Eugénie church, built in neogothic style, Alexander Nevsky orthodox cathedral, palace-hotel Du Palais, Casino, Imperial Chapel etc. You will walk through the central streets and will hear the stories about famous people of bygone epochs, who have stayed in Biarritz ever.


A great continuation of the day will be the car tour along the Basque coast, in the course of which we will pick in the old town Saint-Jean-de-Luz and visit the church, where the wedding of famous Louis XIV the Sun King with the Spanish Infanta Maria Theresa took place, will admire the seascapes, see one of the local castles and finally will visit Hondarribia – amazing medieval town, situated on the border of Spain and France.

Посещаемые города / cities to visit